Increase Your Confidence

So I’m in grad school and I’m taking an elective course on women’s leadership.  We had a midterm due and this post is made from a question I answered on my paper.  My instructor loved it so much that she has decided to incorporate a few of the items into class next week as a lesson.  So I wanted to share it to my readers as well.  I hope you enjoy and can take something from it.

FIRST STEP  would be to stop caring about what people think of you. It is a mental prison that will keep your growth in a vegetative state. You have to realize that people will always have some sort of opinion and what they think is none of your business. The reason is because most of us have a hard time figuring ourselves and can be horrible judges of character, therefore, never trust what they say. Know who you are.

SECOND STEP would be to implement some type of routine physical fitness into your life. Whether it is a membership at your local gym or a brisk walk through a local park or your neighborhood after work. Physical activity increases stress relieving hormones and releases feel good endorphins.

THIRD STEP would be to start doing things that make you happy. Whether it is traveling, painting, reading, writing. Whatever it is just do more of it. This creates balance amidst the chaos of the hustle and bustle and creates a humble space for your mind and sanity.

FOURTH STEP would be to have periodic unplug from the world of social media. Temporarily deactivate your accounts. Social media has a way of making people depressed and become jealous or frustrated with what people post about their lives. Sometimes people post negative things and sometimes people post an illusion of a great life that might may you feel like a failure. Unplug, it’s not real 90% of the time.

FIFTH STEP would be to check your inner circle. Your inner circle is typically your support system. If there isn’t much support or filled with people who are not ambitions, it’s time to find a new team. You become like the 10 closest people to you and sometimes the moves ambitious people make are not understood by non-ambitious people and their advice could not be in your best interest no matter how much they think it is.

SIXTH STEP is to clean your house and your car. Your home is your comfort zone and we spend a lot of time in our cars. These spaces are representative to how we feel on the inside. Clearing the clutter and dirt from these spaces has a positive physiological effect.

SEVENTH STEP would be to invest in some greenery. If you don’t have a green thumb, plants like Money Trees, Aloe Vera, Snake Plants, and other hanging plants that you can find at your local Home Depot, are great for adding positive energy or “chi” to your space. Not to mention, live planets emit chemicals in which some are calming aromas and others neutralize your air.

EIGHT STEP is to incorporate a professional massage monthly. Massages help blood flow and common aches and pains. They also simply make you feel good. Find a salon that gives good reflexology. Without our feet, we can’t walk so we must take care of them.

NINTH STEP is to incorporate a balanced diet of mostly things that are good for you but don’t forget to moderate your guilty pleasures. Great food can also release endorphins even though healthy food gives your body all the nutrients it needs to fight of diseases and live longer.

TENTH STEP would be to forgive all those who have hurt you or wrong you. You don’t have to forgive them personally but forgive them in your heart. Grudges also hinder our growth by allowing negativity and anger to stunt it. It is a hard thing to do but holding onto whomever you mad at, even if it is yourself, won’t allow our minds to peak to its fullest potential. Think of the term “YOLO” or You Only Live Once and let whatever it is go.



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