Stay Lit!

We all have a light.

But over time, the filaments project a dimness that turns life into perpetual darkness.

We are all a bunch of bulbs that gradually unscrews itself from its energy source when we allow life to take control of our destinies.

And for the ones who learn to screw itself back to the energy source or never detach, the light can sometimes shine so bright that it makes the other bulbs uncomfortable.

They are used to the dimness.

For some, the light burns the glass of their bulbs and for the others, the light motivates them to keep wiggling around until the tracks of screw align and they are able to reconnect to the energy source.

Why do we let our light dim?
Life happens, the world turns and babies are made every second of the day.
However, we seem to stop glowing when these things manifest.

What we should know is that if we never turn off the light, life wouldn’t seem so dark, babies will follow the light and the world would be a better place.

What we should know is that bills will always be there and perhaps keeping our lights on would make them less of a problem.

What we should know is that when we keep the light on, it inspires others to keep theirs on because whether we know it or not, someone is always watching.

Good and bad, but just like there are silent “haters” there are silent “appreciators.”

And our focus and motivation for staying “lit” should be for those that appreciate.

Stay “LIT” and Enjoy Life

Happy 2017

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