When Will You Arrive? Life is waiting…

Where are you standing in this period of time?
Are you in quicksand? Mud? Water? A plain? A rolling hill? A mountain?
How many of us can say we are standing on top of the world?
If you aren’t, then you got work to do.
Now, don’t get it twisted; sitting on top of the world doesn’t necessarily mean you have riches, fame or anything materialistic.
It just means, you have arrived!
Arrived at the point where happiness is an easy choice to make every day.
Your focus is optimal and you have left the past behind you.
Everything you see, feel and smell is brand new every day and joyful.
That’s only my interpretation of what it means to arrive.
You may feel differently.
No matter what, one thing is for sure.
One cannot move forward in life until they’ve given up dwelling on the objects in the rearview.
You have to glance in your rearview from time to time on your way to arriving,
Because it reminds you how far you’ve come
But your eyes must stay focused on the windshield
So that while you’re moving forward
You don’t run into a wall, a side rail or the median.
That would be tragic at any capacity
And you already know that
Because you have been there before
You too busy paying attention to the rearview
And the sideview
And then BOOM
You hit a wall
But it’s okay, because that’s your lesson
From not paying attention
And not staying in your own lane
It’s equally damaging when you’re swerving
Because you’re tired or you’ve allowed drunkenness
To alter your alertness
Shake it off
Keep your eyes on the road
Stick to the interstate
You may find some state highways that short cut your travel
But you have to be sure
Because shortcuts sometimes
Are not worth it
You could have just stayed on the interstate
Life is waiting
And If you take too long
She’ll leave…

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