I Never Said I Was Perfect

I never said I was perfect
But I’m always expected of such
My attitude is my swag
Without it, I’d be left in the dust

How am I supposed to be?
When no one hears my cries
I carry 10 times my weight
And no one cares if I collapse

“Get Up and Keep Moving” they say
So I press on harder
The scars from the weight
Makes me move on smarter

I may seem brash, arrogant
And at times condensing
It’s the pain from the weight
Cause I know, it’s me doing the fending

I’m the mother of civilization
Even to children not birth from me
I provide protection, assurance and guidance
I influence society

But society hates to admit
I have power over their lives
And sadly sometimes other mothers
Don’t recognize what’s inside

I understand one thing
People hate what they fear
They hate what they don’t understand
They hate and it’s sincere

Why is it so threatening,
For me to embrace who I am?
The question no one can answer
Because to answer honestly , weakens them

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