Love Nowadays!

What is love nowadays?

And pardon me if I’m a little old school

But I thought wooing the one you want was considered cool

Now they call it thirsty?!

But in the same breath saying no one is worthy

Long walks in the park or talking on the phone trying

Not to admit you’re tired

Has turned to texting, Tinder, and Plenty of Fishes

Where you conveniently hire and fire

Having that perfect selfie at the perfect angle

And your inbox fills up to no end

I remember when your profile forced people

To have context, forcing you to look within

Everything is all about convenience

And “what you won’t do, another will”

We’ve adopted the theory of being replaceable

Our society has turned everything into being employing.

Oh and let’s not get started

On how people have adopted perfection into their goals

True we all gotta have standards

But what looks perfect, has perfect holes

We chase people who don’t want us

And run from those who do

Then have the nerve to say there no good

Ones out there

Instead of realizing it may be you

Talking about sex too soon used to be taboo

It may scare him or her off

But now everyone is a potential porn scene

And if you don’t want it then it’s your loss

Makes me wonder are people truly looking for love

Or they just trying to get one off

Or are we so damaged from lack of love in life

That we use sex to cover our faults

Dating wasn’t just about spending money

But more about getting to know someone

Starting off with good communication

Was the foundation of it all

But what happens now is that everyone

Has become slaves to their phones

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Capture our attention like a free for all

We sit and snap pictures and say “we were here”

Instead of actually enjoying the moment

Are we really into the person we are with

Or trying gloat so we don’t seem lonely

Now I’m not trying to say

I’ve done everything perfectly

Because I’m guilty of some of this too

The difference is when you get to a place

Where you can analyze what you do

So I sit here and look at society now in 2016

Feeling hopeless in an ever changing world

But still hopeful that we’ll get back loving!









One thought on “Love Nowadays!

  1. Great post! There is no depth in finding that love that makes you think about them all day, look after them when they leave, or smile at the thought of them entering the room. I am glad my love found me, because I could not handle this new age “love”.

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