Too Much Stock

Four friends grew up together

They shared secrets, hair tips, homework and food.

Everywhere they went, people would delight in their presence

Because it appeared authentic and cool.

Sue was tall and slim, Shirley was short and wide, Sarah was medium all around

And Sally was full and right.

For years, these girls grew together

Even as adults they were never too far away.

But there were a few things that Sally thought

Should never be in friendship space.

Like how Sarah was jealous of Sue’s height

And Shirley slept with Sarah’s boyfriend

Sally was an entrepreneur at heart

But never got support from any of her friends.

Shirley would talk behind everyone’s back

And tried to back out when she was confronted.

Sue was the one who was the victim of…

Because we’ve known each other so long” bucket.

At what point do we realize,

Some people don’t need to be our friends.

Have we grown that lonely as a species?

That Frenemies are the new “in”

Some people’s stock price in your life

Don’t need to be that high

And you will find out in a few instances

And hopefully the damage isn’t up to the sky.

Kindly accept the seasonal people, as just that for the moment

And some people who have a reason, can be either way, business or phony

Cherish the ones who are rooted in a lifetime

Because they are extremely far and few.

Just keep mindful of what stock prices you give them

Or a Great Depression will linger through.


I know this one was nursery rhyme ish but I think we’ve all been a victim at some point in our lives of giving people too much stock.  Little do we know, having the wrong people in your circle can stunt your growth. We give people positions they didn’t earn and feel betrayed when who we thought they were go against the grain.  I love the saying, “Sometimes you have to meet people where they are and leave them where they are at.”  I don’t know who said it but this has been one of my many new mantras. I’ll leave with this, when people want out of our life, let them go, their time is up but you also need to know how to be the walker out of someone else’s life as well.


2 thoughts on “Too Much Stock

  1. This one truly hit home! I recently spent some time with some “old friends” just to realize that we have outgrown each other. Me more so than them, lol. It kind of hurts to see an era just fade to black.

    • It does hurt doesn’t it?! But you have to let go and move on with your life. Some people just grow apart and some people just are not flat out good for you. Doesn’t make them bad people but you’re environment is everything. Take a look at the video I posted earlier on my Facebook page.

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