Vision Board!

Someone schooled me on the concept of vision boards a few years ago and convinced me to make one.  However, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea even though I made one anyway.  I just went through magazines cutting and pasting everything that looks and sounds great.  It wasn’t me though.  I’ve always been a dreamer but certain things about my dreaming I let fear get to.

Fast forward to present day and age.  I finally get it.  I get why it’s important to have a vision board.  You need something to look at everyday to keep you motivated on life’s marathon.  Your vision board may even change some year after year when you’ve met certain milestones.

I encourage everyone to make one, whether digital or tangible with the whole poster board, and put it where you can remind yourself daily on where you want to go.  I want to point one thing out about the vision board; it is YOUR vision board.  It is not up for anyone’s criticism or interpretation of the things YOU want. I emphasized that because never believe your “Why” isn’t big enough because of what society says.

This is what makes up my vision board; I want to be completely debt free, publish a couple poetry books, be a notable songwriter, have a mean ass house in the country or on a beach and travel the world.



This is the makeup of what I see for my life.  Of course, there are things I did not add on purpose that I will be involved in along the way such as a couple nonprofit organizations I want to start.  However, I truly believe you are most effective to help someone else when you are in a position to where you don’t need the help yourself.

Feel free to share your vision with me and other “like-minded” people.  It helps to create the accountability you need to do what you said you would do.  Also note, you are NEVER too old or too young for that matter (this could be a fun project with the kiddos as early as 4 or 5.  This could start them off on the right mindset to succeed), to have a vision board and follow your dreams.  Every day you wake up is God giving you another chance to have life more abundantly!

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