The Last Good-bye!

He planted a soft kiss on her cheek as her soul told her to hug tighter.

It was dark and the moon was full, beautiful, but something in her spirit told her this would be the last time she saw him again.

She could feel the intensity in his hug and felt him pulling her as if he wanted to absorb her into his soul but due to the discernment in her spirit she just couldn’t let go.

She wanted him to stay and she wanted him to go.

He was the source of her pain that had a familiarity from some time ago.

A time where love was told but it had led on. It presented itself so perfectly until today her trust was very low.

She had been loyal to him but he constantly questioned it and she couldn’t figure out was it from past pain or pain in the present…but not from her.

She wondered where did she go wrong, why didn’t this one work?

Why was he so kind, gentle, and intelligent but carried himself as a jerk?

Why was so much time wasted only for life to feel like quicksand?

Why did she ignore all the blatant signs that God was trying to get her to understand?

But speculation only leads to more pain and the quicker she walks away, the quicker she can get back to living.

They released each other and stared for a minute…









Intentionally left blank










Is this love lost or is it love gained? Only the universe knows if they will see each other again.

She turned around and opened the door to her car.

She watched as he got into his. Exhale!

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