Undesired Woman?

It has been so long since I wrote any poetry (up until present day) and I love the new age form of Spoken Word.  I love listening to the stories and seeing raw emotions conveyed in each message.  So I decided to awaken my sleeping talent in a time where I believe we need it most.

Over the past few years, an awakening period has emerged in the Black Community, and with it new stereotypes in the process.  There are certain ones on repeat that affect me and the women around me personally.  Unfortunately, a small population of Black Men who refuse to chop their relationship woes up to simply picking the wrong person and for some it’s deeper and has a lot to do with broken relationships with their mothers or children’s mothers, as a blanket of truth for ALL Black Women.  These stereotypes are gaining more and more popularity and drowning out the voices of Black Men who love and appreciate who we are.  Now, I’m not naïve to the fact that some of these stereotypes may very well be true, however, there is good and bad in every person on this Earth.

On a side note, It seems to me that the things people hate the most, which are judgement, ridicule, and stereotyping, are used by those same people against others. I guess the saying is true, hurt people hurt people!

When will we all learn that perception isn’t always reality?!

In honor of Black History Month, I created this Spoken Word video to defy those stereotypes and stand up for my sisters of color. We will not be defined by our hair and become a product of our mistakes. We will not be told we are too successful, too independent and hide our college degrees. We are strong, we are tough, we are warriors, and we are natural leaders.  This is the way we were built since the beginning of time and we have to remember this. We are sometimes hated because we are feared.  Only true leaders and warriors understand our strength and not try to use every tactic to belittle our self-worth.

I hope you all enjoy and can get some good discussion out of this!


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