I remember learning this concept in elementary school that was used for book reports and dissecting paragraphs.  Since then, its been tucked away in the far corners of my memory until recently.  Every year I have goals but most of the time they really aren’t clearly defined. Year after year goes by with little to no progress.  So, as I was planning for this year, I got to thinking that THIS YEAR HAS GOT TO BE DIFFERENT!  I’m moving closer to being over the hill and I want something to show for it.  Who wants to spend their life struggling to climb up hill, sweating, panting, and breaking bones, fatigue, and hungry; only to get over the hill with nothing to show for it?  Not me!!!!  I’ll break down how I’m using this concept and maybe if there is someone out there without a plan it can help them too.

Before you can answer any other questions, you have to answer “WHY”

What is your why?  Why is this goal important to you?

Everyone’s ‘WHY’ is different and NEVER let anyone tell you that your WHY isn’t strong enough.  Only you know what your “WHY” is.  You feel it and no matter how much that little Negative Nancy in your head tell you how ridiculous or how old you are, the WHY never goes away.  It is the driving force of your motivation.


What is the goal? What do you want?


Who will you surround your with, in other words, who is your support system?

***This is VERY important.  Unfortunately, you cannot share your dreams with everyone.  Not everyone will truly be on your team.  And the cold hard truth is, you may not even have ANY support.  So the WHO may end up just being you and you will need very tough skin.

Lastly,  “WHEN”

Always give yourself deadlines and checkpoints to measure your progress.  Little victories along the way will help you stay focused and motivated to continue. (This is something that is recited over and over in motivational speeches, leadership meetings, etc.)  However, it is necessary.  Think back on times you had a goal and you didn’t set any timeframes and eventually the goal died as time went on. 

Now I’m not saying this concept is bond but it’s all about perspective.  I’m testing it out as I write this blog.  Feel free to test it on your own goals and maybe at the end of the year we can share how it worked or didn’t work.

If you don’t mind sharing, please let us know your WHO WHAT WHEN AND WHY.


One thought on “WHO WHAT WHEN AND WHY

  1. Great post!
    My goal is to Live a FULLER life and to be debt-free
    I surround myself with husband, kids, bestie, and accountability partner
    As far as when, I am accomplishing the things I need to do a day to day basis.

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