Bye 2015…Hello There 2016

Celebrate Life…

It’s natural to assume that my 2016 theme means I’m going to be partying it up for this year.  Though I like to shake my groove thang occasionally, the party life died in my 20’s.  “Celebrate Life” is all about getting back to the things that make me happy.  I plan to grow my talents more and push myself to the limit but in a more humbling way.  I want things to happen naturally, not because I forced it. If I were to die soon, I would want my mantra to read “She died doing what she loved…” Not that I’m trying to die soon, just trying to prove a point.  I think we run on life’s rat race  so fast that we subconsciously forget to make ourselves happy.

One thing I love doing is writing.  I’ve had this blog up for sometime but I stopped writing because what I really wanted to write about, I could not.  It was fear.  As rebellious and free spirited people think I am…I have also let fear run my life a lot.  However, fear has run its course with me. I have left that prison.  I no longer feel bad or apologize for who I am. I will no longer be a victim to life circumstances.  I will no longer feel sad about people who left my life.  I care about the here and now.

I am revamping this blog to be about whatever my human experiences take me, whether it is story form or poetry.  What a lot of people do not know about me was that I was a published poet at the age of 5.  That’s right. I wrote poems and submitted them all on my own and when the book came (which is one of the things besides the entire Encyclopedia Britannica that I ordered on my mom’s credit card) mom was pissed but I knew she was proud.

So hopefully, with being more open and more proactive; more people will subscribe this time around.

Happy New Year!!!

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