2014: The Year of Great Realizations

As the year ends a period of reflection is definitely necessary. This year has played out like some long drawn “coming of age” movie. I have learned a great deal about myself and the people and world around me. Some things are positive and some are negative. With that being said, I have put together a list of some of the things I realized in 2014:

I realized that the older I get the more money isn’t the main goal, sanity is.

I realized that you cannot take everyone too seriously, whether it is a family member, a friend, or a colleague, unless they want it.

I realized that it is okay to be assertive with ANYTHING! Nobody can give you a spanking.

I also realized that silence really is golden. Peace be still!

I realized that sometimes a loss is actually a gain.

I realized that the only people who deserve my heart are those who love me when there is absolutely nothing I have to offer them.

I realized that I am a great forward thinker.  I can see problems and possibilities way into the future.  It may not be totally accurate but it is how I assess the risk I’m preparing to take.

I realized that I have what most people don’t and are envious of…freedom.

I realized that I have to stay away from people who constantly speak badly about other people in my presence, whether I know the person or not.

I realized that although I may not have made the best decisions with my life, they were all for the greater good, therefore I do not regret a thing!

I realized that I have to learn to deflect bad energy, I am a naturally optimistic person but sometimes I have a tendency of letting someone’s pessimism affect me.

I realized that the ability to have an open mind is a blessing!

I realized that the past is just that, the past!

I realized that sexiness is about confidence.

I realized that it is perfectly fine to live a normal life being single and not bearing children.

I realized I have a traveling gypsy spirit.

I realized that for things you cannot change, let it go or go insane.

I realized that with my last two dollars, I’ll always pick food!

I realized that though I have grown out of many things, it is still ok to be a kid at heart!

I realized that I am NOT the cookie cutter type of woman and I am very hard to digest for most men!

I realized the unconditional love from children is the best kind of love.

I realized that there is no such thing as giving up because what are you giving up to?

I realized that going back to growing my own hair chemical free was THE BEST decision I’ve ever made.

I realized that no matter how hard you try to be great there will always be someone ready and willing to take you down but instead of letting it bother you, you smile and shake your head.

I realized that people can only state their opinions and give advice based off their own experiences and agendas.  No one knows you like God knows you.

I realized that the world is full of distractions and smoke and mirrors, remain aware, not consumed, but aware.

I realized that I really can create my future.

I realized that sometimes people don’t reject you because you aren’t good enough, sometimes it’s because they aren’t good enough!

What did you realize this year?

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