Late Night Life Thoughts

It’s 3a.m. and Im wide awake.
My productivity is what I contemplate.
32 years of dealing with fears, dealing with peers, dealing with strife, just dealing with life.
What is it Michelle that you’ve come to be?
Is it what others see, is it imaginary, or is it this very thing?
Called a moment. A moment of reckoning, a moment of beckoning, a moment truth, a moment of realizing the strength I possessed from my youth.
See what’s misunderstood is the understatement of my journey.
Having no kids don’t make it less painful or more enduring.
Truth be told, a child adds purpose and those of us with time, sometimes appears to make us worthless. However, I refuse to lay down and let life do me. Cause if you let it, no Vaseline will be using.
I gotta keep moving and find my personal stage.
So that one day my story will rivet every page.
Born into a world where I never stood a chance but I beat all the odds, man that wouldn’t stay on the stands.
Most have no idea what trials I’ve walked.
They just judge the way I look or the words that I talk.
There’s a reason for everything but Im not one for more verbal explanation.
If you don’t get my spirit, my heart will never be for the taking.

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